Updated 8/6/2023

About Us

My interest in fossils started way back when I was in high school.

I went on a rafting trip with my best friend and his family. At lunch time on the river we stopped on a gravel bar to have lunch. After finishing lunch we started skipping rocks. As I picked a few up to skip them, I noticed one of the had an impression of a shell. I stuck that rock in my pocket and that started my fossil collecting career.

Fifteen years later, I had a friend at work ask me to go fossil collecting. Since that time, I have become a certified diver and travel all up and down the east coast searching for fossils for my collection. It didn't take too long to have an abundance of common fossils.

So I began to go to shows and purchase nicer specimens. With my good fortune of finding nice specimens, my friends started asking me to trade/sell my specimens to them.

This started my interest in becoming a fossil dealer. Welcome to my fossil store. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

Mark B.