Updated 11/24/2021
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UPDATED 11/24/21

Several Lebanese  fish plates


A few killer Potamon sp. From Turkey


Rare oligocene teeth from Mexico


Updated Meg, and Other sharkteeth page. Come see us at the Treasures of the Earth Gem and Mineral Show in Virginia Beach Convention Center, the 16th, 17th and 18th of July!


Updated the Paleozoic and the Megalodon/

Chubutensis  page

Show update!

Tarheel Gem & Mineral Show! At the state fairgrounds in Raleigh N. C.!  On the 9th, 10th and 11th of April!

Updated! !

3/29/21 Finally got around to uploading a bunch of Indonesian

Megalodon shark teeth!


New mammal teeth! Pathological  Meg tooth and a few other shark teeth!!

Updated 02/22/21!

Aurora Chubs, Australian Mammals, Red site teeth and a few other rare specimens !

Updated! 9/21/20
Turkish Travertine Crabs!

7/26/20 with 10 Fire Zone Makos from Bakersfield California!


With a bunch of small stuff. 


With a few really nice Indonesian Megalodon shark teeth!


Large Megs, Belgian rarities, Kazakhstan Cowshark teeth!

4/13/20 with Cow shark teeth, and a bunch or Paleozoic  teeth! Plus a few Bakersfield Mammal Earbones


New rare teeth


New material from the 2020 Tucson gem, mineral and fossil show! More to come as we unpack!


Large pathological Megalodon shark teeth and a huge 6.4 Megalodon!

With new Indonesian Megalodon shark teeth!

8/25/19 With A few Platybelladon teeth, Bone Valley Rhino tooth, a few Aurora rarities!   8/5/19  


 UPDATE 7/17/19 7/9/19 and 7/10/19